God hates sinners. God not only hates sins; God hates sinners. Anytime we distort God’s hatred to sinners, we are putting a discount on His love to die for us on the cross.

God hates sinners not because He is bad, but He is good, and we are bad.

God loves sinners not because we are good, but He is good. God is love.

God is not separated. God’s hatred to sinners is not 50%, not 90%, but 100%, because God is 100% holy and 100% just. On the other hand, God’s love is also 100%.

“God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

John 3:16


“Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already.”

John 3:18a

Outside of Jesus, the wrath. Inside of Jesus, the love.


He would die to put His enemies in Christ, so He can love them as His children. It is only in Christ, we are not sinners. It is only in the Son, we are children of God. God’s love is amazing only in the context of God’s holy wrath.

Therefore, if you do not understand God’s holy hatred, you do not understand God’s holy love, and both of them are on the cross!

For sinners, the opposite of love is hatred. We cannot imagine (or reason) how love and hatred can coexist. For God, there is no opposite of love, because He always loves. God’s hatred is due to His holiness. God is holy, and we are sinners. God hates sinners, not because He is bad, but He is good, and we are bad. Therefore, God’s holy hatred and holy love can coexist.

God does not need to love us even God is love. God loves us because God loves us (Deut. 7:7-8). There is no other biblical reason. And if it says that God loves us in Christ before the foundation of the world, it means that God loves us in Christ in the eternity.

If a person says he loves his neighbors, my question is how much does he love God? And if he says he loves God, my question is how much does he read the Bible? I don’t want to question if he pray, because if he reads the Bible, he will pray, and he will love God, and he will love his neighbors.

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