Year: 2019

You cannot celebrate both Jesus Christ and Santa Claus, or use Santa Claus to celebrate Jesus. If Jesus is God, follow him; but if Santa Claus is God, then follow him.

Christians + Santa Claus?

“Don’t put Jesus into the camp of the world religions because he doesn’t put himself there. He says he is NOT like them. ‘There is no other God but me’ (Isaiah 45). So either submit to him or reject him outright, but don’t just say that he is another way because that is not an option.”

Todd Friel

Todd Friel

“What is in shortage today is not the preaching of Christ crucified, but the preachers who have been crucified with Christ.”

What is needed today…

“The Spirit works with and through the Word, never apart from or against it.”

R. C. Sproul

There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible. The middle chapter is Psalm 117 (not 118), with 594 chapters before and after. 

The Middle Chapter